We are the first company in Singapore to offer an subscription kind of service for fire extinguishers and in the near future, your other home protection needs. ​This service provides a lot of benefits to the consumers and we shall further elaborate each point below:

  • PRICING: Alestair is cheaper than your conventional methods of replacing extinguisher or calling a guy down for servicing. Our average cost per year can be as low as below $20 which allows you to own a brand new extinguisher in year 1 and a serviced one (with approved suppliers under the SCDF list) in the years to come. We are just slightly more expensive than you travelling down to service the extinguisher yourself (~$10-$15) and if you include in the cost of extinguisher & your cost of travelling down, it is almost the same or more as compare to signing up with us. =).

  • TIME: You save valuable time by using Alestair. We help to remember your servicing renewal and prepared a serviced extinguisher way in advance. We come by your home and do a 1 to 1 exchange at your convenience. Take note that the service centre for fire extinguisher are normally located in industrial area such as TUAS and they are only open during weekdays normally, so you will have to take your precious leave and time just to service your extinguisher. 

  • EFFORT: Leave all the worries with us. As mentioned earlier, we help to remember your servicing date and will arrange with you a suitable time to do the exchange. For those thinking of just buying online and handle the servicing yourself: if you do drive, it's a bit easier for you but do take note oif the hidden cost & effort such as fuel cost, time, parking etc. If you do not drive, imagine carrying the extinguisher taking public transport to the service centre located in industrial area which are typically in TUAS area. (P.S.: It is not nice, we have been through it),

  • SUSTAINABILITY: Using Alestair subscription plan will ensure the least amount of wastage. The environmental cost into making a fire extinguisher can be very high (the metal etc. being use). Also, as our subscription base grow, there will be lesser carbon footprints as we can the extinguishers at a location